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I have received one other email other than this one. The first one was all about Amazon; there was no mention of the other vendor email addresses from which I have received no email at all in over a month. I wrote back inquiring about the other missing emails, asking what was causing the problem. I was told to ask a vendor to send an email to the support team. I asked an Etsy vendor to do that for me. After a week, I asked if the support team had received the email from the vendor. This is what I received in answer to that question:

This email is from the Fastmail email administrator regarding your email user [email protected].
You requested the automatic restoration of the following deleted emails from your account:

[Here is listed all the names of five of my eight folders]

You can find these messages restored into a separate user called:
RESTORED AT 20190918T210925 FOR [email protected]
which you can access via the web interface or IMAP. These restored folders do not count towards your quota, and will be automatically deleted after one week. Until that time you can copy or move messages into your normal folders (subject to the restrictions of your quota).
If you do not immediately see these folders from the web interface, please refresh your browser tab. In some IMAP clients you will also need to refresh the folder list from the server.

Fastmail Team
[email protected]


First of all, this message informed me that the problem I was having was from an entirely different email address I have with FM, not the commercial account which IS the problem. I am completely confused. This makes no sense to me. I never asked for anything to be restored; I didn't even know that was possible. The problem email address (which was one of my folders that they listed above) included seven emails. Believe me, there should be way more that seven emails for that acccount that I accrued during the that month.

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