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How it works

1. Sign up for a username and
Give it a real email address to forward your mail to

When you want to use a disposable email address:

2. Make up a new address* like this:
[email protected]

"anything" should be unique for each new address
"x" specifies how many mails you want to receive at the address (20 max)**
"user" is your username at spamgourmet

That's it!
* No need to go to spamgourmet to create an email address. It is created automatically when someone send a message to:
[email protected]

** All mails after your preset maximum "x" are automatically deleted and the address expires.

1. Register at for a maximum of 2 messages:
[email protected]

All mails after 2 are automatically deleted.

2. Register at Amazon to receive all messages and ONLY messages from the amazon domain:
[email protected]

The domain of first sender (should be Amazon!) who contacts you at this address will be recorded at spamgourmet. All messages from this domain will be accepted. (If this is later a problem you can log into spamgourmet to block the address. Otherwise, you never need to log in.)

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