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The "e" in e-mail
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Quoting the article:

Zoho Workplace is a business-oriented email service which throws in an online office suite, document management, and a host of collaboration tools and other extras.

Zoho's free plan supports up to 25 users (there's an extra 25 available if you can refer others to the service), each with 5GB of mailbox storage, and can be used with one domain of your own. These are features you'll normally only find in commercial products, and when you factor in the spreadsheet, word processor, presentation and other tools, it looks like a real bargain.

I assume one can opt to not use those collaboration tools and only create 1 or 2 users for yourself?

Something that (maybe wrongfully) scares me off in email providers is when it is part of a package focussed on sharing. I'd be somewhat afraid of other people being able to access my emails once there's a lot of sharing options. I like the, admitted, old-fashioned idea of a mailbox being just there for emails and entirely private, while using other ways to share documents or calendars etc. (there's plenty of services for that, and you can even share documents by... sending them in an email as attachment)

Lots of services that are discussed on this forum and get good feedback seem to have a lot of extras on top of the email function. That scares me off a bit rather than coming across as a bonus. But then I'm used to good old webmail from the days Hotmail was still offering 2 MB inbox and you'd use separate tools to send a document to friends or colleagues... In email terms, I'm old fashioned
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