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Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
One issue that may not matter to you is that "Yahoo" doesn't strike most people as a very professional address, whereas and are pretty much accepted by everyone. I receive regular business correspondence from executives who use their Gmail address instead of their business domain email. That is totally accepted here in the USA and doesn't have any negative connotations for most people.

To me some form of 2FA is a must for my main email account. Once you have trusted your own computer and your phone you rarely have to actually use the 2FA yourself, but it does make it much harder for someone else to log into your account if somehow your password is stolen. That seems inevitable today, unfortunately. Personally, I'm not much worried about my passwords being cracked--but I have no control over how they are stored by the places I am logging in.
I only check my emails from my own computer, my tablet, and occasionally my family's computer when I pay them a visit. No cybercafes or computers at a workplace or so (not anymore).
In the past, when I used internet cafes during travels (I had no tablet yet), I Always erased browsing history prior to finishing my session.

2FA such as an SMS being sent with an access word in addition to my password would be nice, just like an overview of previous logs.

But my main concern regarding Yahoo would be how easy accounts can be broken into and how easy it is to crack passwords. If they're no more risky than other providers, that'd be my main worry being removed.

As for the somewhat silly domain, I get what you mean. Hence I'd probably use a Yahoo account mainly for private correspondence, for signing up with to forums or to social media such as Twitter and Instagram, ... but for sending a CV I'd probably use or Gmail indeed.
Even though I must say that I have the impression that here in Europe, Yahoo isn't regarded as an unprofessional domain for email. It has been around for so long and has been used for so long, so people got accustomed to it. Bit like Hotmail sounding silly but being not frowned upon due to how popular and widely used it is. I do think Outlook and Gmail are more widely used in Europe too, but Yahoo is still used widely enough that the domain isn't frowned upon. In some cases people even like it because of the choice they (used to?) offer in terms of ccTLDs. For example if you're French speaking and want an .fr email address, is likely to be amongst your preferable options.
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