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Noticed that when using Port 565, the "IP =" part of the "X-Spam-source:" header is now the localhost ("IP=''"), rather than the IP address of the submitting MUA.

I have my own SMTP servers on two micro VPS instances with proper and clean (not listed in any of the Spam rating services) forward and reverse dns records and seldom use Fastmail for sending mail.

I'm tempted to start using FM for outgoing mail as well. The only problem would be that, by carefully managing my own servers, it is unlikely that I would ever be listed as a source of Spam. Because Fastmail is a shared service, I would no longer control my own destiny and could have my mail rejected for Spam when one or more of FM's IP addresses becomes compromised. Of course, all E-Mail hosts experience this problem. Some deal with it better than others. I believe, but don't know from my own experience, that FM does a good job.

At least now I can use FM when the VPS host is down (once in a blue moon) and for sending from K-9 Mail with my Android phone.

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