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Originally Posted by sleepycat View Post
. . .

About Jacinto's point of IP gets blacklisted, there is also a flipside.
I'd imagine FM has more resource to deal with ISP's to get IPs unblocked than you do time/patience for.
Originally Posted by BritTim View Post
Further, FastMail has a standard procedure in place to monitor the important blacklists and change any IP address that appears on a blacklist.
Both are good and true observations.

From experience, I've learned that you can't run a mail server with the "popular" ($5.00 a month or less with millions of subscribers) VPS hosts such as AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultur, etc. They either can't or won't help when blocks of their IP addresses are blacklisted.

I now run my VPS instances with a small host where the owner is active in day to day operations. I've been lucky in that my IP addresses with this host have never been blacklisted.

Hopefully, my luck won't run out for a while longer.

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