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If we're getting into reasons, let me explain mine...

I was trying to decide how to get rid of disposable (temporary, short lifetime) email addresses where more than one is using the same alias.

For example, say the alias is [email protected], then I can have any number of temporary (disposable) email addresses using that alias with subdomain addressing. For example, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc. They would all be sorted into folders x, y, and z if those folders exist. Or they could be grouped as subfolders under some outer folder if [email protected]'s "Deliver to" is set appropriately.

The lifetimes of these aliases are different so some I want to keep longer than others. So what to do with the ones I no longer need? I cannot delete or disable the actual alias ([email protected] in the example) since that would take them all out. I've been thinking of sending the messages to the ones I want to remove to the trash as unread just so they stand out a little more. Alternative solutions would be filter into a new single folder designed for this purpose or send them to spam. In all cases as unread to make them stand out a little.

This is only for that kind of alias. Unique aliases for more permanent registrations, etc. can simply be disabled or deleted if I want them to cause a bounce. Other choices are to keep them "alive" but issue a reject to ones I no longer want or like the disposables send them to a folder (trash, spam, or special folder for this purpose).

I'm doing this all with sieve code since I prefer not to write individual UI filters for each alias whose life has expired (plus I don't believe I could use the UI anyway for the disposables). I think it's simpler and "reads" better just to list the email addresses in, well, a sieve list.

It's a work in progress so I haven't decided yet (opinions welcome). But I currently have the disposables going to the trash as unread. That's what prompted me to start this thread (and I've since submitted a ticket to see what FM says too).

Note, in reality I don't have any aliases to add to these lists as yet. I'm only adding the code as a place holder for the day I will need it. It's all this spare time I have on my hands due to this damn virus keeping everyone mostly at home!

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