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Originally Posted by janusz View Post
What do you mean by "my own email address"? The one you are using now is "your own" in the sense no-one else has access to it (unless you are careless with the password ).
If you mean an address which you will really own (as opposed to having an exclusive use of), you have to register your own domain first. Then you could have address(es) of the whatever@yourowndomain.tld form. This will cost you upwards of around $10 per annum.
Use your favourite web search engine to look up domain registration. This matters been extensively discussed here.
No, I mean my email address as in when i send an email to someone with a message i typed, i'll also ask them to email me back at (my email address), then the email sent by them to me appears in my inbox. I have 1 email address set up by my internet provider, so is there any way i could set up a 2nd email address through my web mail account or do i have to contact my internet provider? Sorry for all these questions.
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