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OK, let's break this down, we'll go one step at a time.

For the kick off, open your FM account's Settings Screen.
In the left margin, click on the link labelled 'Spam Protection'.

When you're at that screen, at the top of the page you should see the heading 'Spam Protection'.

Beneath the 'Spam Protection' heading there's a subheading labelled 'Protection Level'.

Click on the button beside 'Custom'.
Having done that change the options as follows:

-- [Ticked] Reject mail from unsecure servers
-- [Ticked] Move messages with a score of 4.0 or higher to Spam
-- [Not Ticked] Permanently delete messages with a score of 10.0 or higher
-- [Ticked] Add score as {SPAM XX.X} to subject when the spam score is 5.0 or more

Post back to this thread when you've got that far.

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