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Originally Posted by noclue View Post
When I tick "custom," that unticks "Reject mail from insecure servers." Is that supposed to happen?
When 'Custom' protection level is selected, 'Reject mail from secure servers' is mandated. That is, there is no choice not to have it. The option has a hard tick beside it.

If that is what you're seeing, that is normal and expected.

With this option active, most of the offensive unsolicited mail you have been receiving will be blocked. This function will fix most of your spam hassles.

Returning to the options for 'Custom' protection level, only three of the four can be selected or unselected by the user, which is you.

It is preferable to untick the third option:
'Permanently delete messages with a score of 10.0 or higher'

Have you unticked that option?

When you've finished there should be:
--the first option with a hard tick
--the second option with a default tick
--the third option which you have unticked
--the fourth option with a default tick

Is that what you are now seeing?
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