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Runbox retire Roundcube webmail

Runbox is now focusing on the development of Runbox 7, the fastest webmail app on the planet. Runbox 7 is built for the future, and will provide everything Roundcube does just better. Try it out now at!

For this reason, and because the Roundcube userbase is small compared to the effort required to maintain it, we will be retiring Roundcube on December 31, 2019.
I don't know for what future is Runbox 7 build. It is one of the most ugly and counter-intuitive webmail I ever tested. Even the old Runbox webmail is better than Runbox 7.

And they plan to retire Rouncube, the only usable webmail they have. And I wonder what great effort is required to keep Roundcube online, you just install it and that's it! Oh, yeah, and update it from time to time, soooo hard.
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