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Google Gmail Forum Discussions related to Google's Gmail service should go here: suggestions, tips, comments, requests for help, tech issues etc.

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Old 8 Nov 2018, 12:34 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by Adrian Bell View Post
If you want to use Gmail, just stick a number on the end like everyone else does, and pay more attention to the rest of your resume. Of course you could always change your name.

No please don't do that! It looks really cheesy, immature and unprofessional. I'm a person who lets a lot of things slide (there can be a lot of reasons why something doesn't look an expected way!) but as a person who was a hiring manager in the past, I would really look at an email with a number on it and wonder (many times!)

However, young folks don't care and are used to it. So with a young hiring manager they won't care about that. I have to say better safe than sorry.

Use an initial in the middle, or spell out your full name. Mr. before the name just seems funny or strange.

Honestly using gmail is a better choice than having say, @hotmail or @yahoo as the tld. Best is a nice domain you own, especially if you're in the tech field.
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On a related note...say you get the personalized domain and more professional address then how would you go about using it and how would you migrate old emails? I know this can kind of be done within Gmail, Outlook, Fastmail, etc. Looking for the neatest and best way.
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Old 8 Nov 2018, 10:50 PM   #18
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Originally Posted by rscaramelo View Post
how would you go about using it and how would you migrate old emails? .
The answer is simple: it depends....
There are some providers which offer a migration tool to their accounts.
In general you may user more or less any IMAP-based program, eg Thunderbird,

MailStore Home got e few positive mentions in this forum.
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Old 9 Nov 2018, 06:58 AM   #19
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Lots of different ways of handling having a new email address. I have done it numerous times and have found for me it is best to keep the old email address working for as long as possible--maybe forever--and just forward any emails from it to the new email address. Then it may be worthwhile to have a message in your signature at the new address saying something like, "Please note my new email address." However, maybe 10% of your correspondents will read that and actually do something about it, which is why I prefer to keep the old address forwarding. I still get important emails from addresses I haven't used regularly in 5-10 years. Things like job offers, or important financial information. I try to change all my major credit cards, banks, etc. to my new address, which can usually be done manually on their websites. However, even some of them will still send important emails to old addresses for years to come, with no apparent way to remove an old address that isn't even shown on your online profile. Go figure! Gradually, over the course of a few years you will find that 90-95% of your emails start coming in to the correct, new address. As to moving emails, it depends. You might want to just keep your old Gmail account to store up to 15GB of old email, and it can serve as a great way to archive and find old email with Google's unrivaled searched functionality. I can within seconds find emails from more than a decade ago. You can also send and receive email using your own domain for free from within an ordinary Gmail account.
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