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Email Help Needed! Having problems with your email service, or with the email software you're using? Post your questions and answers here!

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Thunderbird emails Go To Archive Folder When Deleted

Hello Everyone;

I am using Thunderbird 60.9.0. I have 4 email accounts set up and in account settings I do not have it checked to send any messages to the Archive folder. Only one account has an Archive folder and I have no idea how this folder was created because I didn't create it. In this account when I delete a message many times but not every time the deleted message moves to the Archive folder not the Trash folder. When I delete a message and want to find it again if it is not in the deleted folder I have to remember that it might be sitting in the Archive folder.

My questions are -
- how did this Archive folder get created and how can I delete it?
- why does only one account out four have an Archive folder?
- why do some but not all deleted messages go to the Archive folder not the Deleted folder?
- any other thoughts would also be great!!

Thanks very much, Bill
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Arrow Thunderbird Archiving feature and IMAP subscription to Archive folder

Thunderbird provides many keyboard shortcuts and some action buttons. See:

My guess is that you accidentally hit the "a" key or Archive button, causing that message to be archived. Archiving is a feature of Thunderbird - see:

The navigation to the Account Settings screen is through a couple of methods:
  • (hamburger three horizonal lines button) > Options > Account Settings
  • (click the email address for one of your accounts in the left pane) > Accounts section > View settings for this account
As shown in the help link above, the Copies & Folders section is used to control the Message Archives feature. By default the archive feature is enabled. if you uncheck the "Keep message archives in:" checkbox, the archive feature will be disabled for that account, and the Archives button and "a" shortcut will not be available.

A folder named Archive or Archives is present by default on some (but not all) email accounts. For example, Fastmail originally did not use such a folder as standard, but now it's a standard system folder on new accounts and it cannot be deleted.

Also, I believe that Thunderbird by default will create such a folder on the email server if IMAP is used and you use the "a" shortcut or Archive button if the Archives feature is enabled.

Even though you may not be able to delete the Archive (or Archives) folder from the email server, you can remove it from view in Thunderbird by unsubscribing from that folder. Use the Advanced Features > Manage folder subscriptions section of the screen you see when you click the address of the account in the left pane (or use the hamburger button > File > Subscribe... feature).

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