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Originally Posted by sheprd View Post
I set MX Records to FM and created Alias's

he MX servers for your domain are set correctly: your email is hosted at FastMail. Add aliases or users at your domain for the addresses you wish to use.

Yet nothing happens
Make sure you have a wildcard alias for your domain that delivers to your Inbox. Temporarily disable any Delete Rules you may have. Do an email search for the address used in the test emails sent. Maybe, the messages are not being delivered to the Folder you expect. Also, check the Spam folder.

Recognize that if you are sending from an email service that previously was set up to receive emails from the domain, it is possible that the email service may still be delivering the messages locally, disregarding MX records.
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Bill, the following is what I wrote to ZoneEdit support:

"I use ZoneEdit for DNS hosting for the domain When I send email messages to a Gmail address, Gmail discards (does not deliver) my email messages that have the return address <>. Gmail apparently thinks that messages with that return address are spam and apparently requires DKIM on those email messages for it to deliver the messages.

"Can ZoneEdit add the proper DKIM (and SPF) information to my email messages with the return address <>? That is, can ZoneEdit show that I have the authority to send messages with that return address?"

Here is the reply from ZoneEdit support:

"I would recommend looking up what information is required for the SPF and DKIM record via Google. You can then add the proper DKIM / SPF record as per whatever Gmail instructs. The SPF/DKIM record will be put into the TXT Record section in your Zoneedit DNS Settings page."

My question to you, Bill, is, "Where in Google (Gmail) would I find the DKIM/SPF information I would need to put on my ZoneEdit settings page?"

Thank you.

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Maybe this will help you out chickadee -
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Arrow Setting up domains with FM with non-FM DNS hosting

If you are not taking my advice (by letting Fastmail host your DNS records after setting your domain NS to point to Fastmail), you need to follow the Fastmail help directions:

That page shows how to set up SPF and DKIM for a domain you wish to use with Fastmail with the DNS records hosted elsewhere.
  • After you follow those directions, messages you send from the Fastmail web interface (or from an email client through the Fastmail SMTP outgoing server) will have DKIM and SPF correctly signed. You must follow the instructions above, which automatically generates the entries you will need to apply in ZoneEdit.
  • Messages you send from non-Fastmail SMTP servers using that domain From address will not be properly signed for DKIM or SPF unless you make additional advanced changes to your DNS records and the sending server.
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I am starting all over this is what i have done

my domain
To allow FastMail to host the email for your domain, you need to set the correct DNS records with your registrar. We recommend you set the name servers to:
We will host the DNS for your domain and make sure all the correct entries are set for your email. You can also fully customize your DNS records should you need it.

I have created Alias's

Now if FM instructions are correct I should be in busines without doing any more
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