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Old 27 Dec 2018, 01:19 PM   #1
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Certain images not showing up in browsers that appear in the FM app

I received an email from a magazine I subscribe to offering a discounted renewal. The renewal offer came in the form of an image with a link associated with it, that I was to click to take advantage of the "great offer."

The problem is that in Chrome and Safari, the image (and associated link) did not show up. However, in the FM app (iOS), the image + link DOES show up.

I figured it could be a security setting in the browsers. BUT, I have FM automatically redirect a copy of all emails to a gmail account. With the same browsers, the image+link shows up when I view the email over at gmail.

On my iPhone, the image+link shows up when I view the email in Safari (rather than in the iOS app).

So it's confusing me about where the glitch is. If it's the browsers that are suppressing the image, why does it show up when the same browser accesses the email in gmail. If it's FM doing the suppression, why do I see it in the FM app?

Any ideas about what's going on, or how I can troubleshoot this further?
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Old 27 Dec 2018, 09:58 PM   #2
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When you say the email came in the form of an image and a link, do you know this because you've examined the 'raw' contents of the email, or just because of what you saw it represented as in the FM app?

The image data might be embedded in the email, or might be being fetched from elsewhere. The link migt be a http href to somewhere else or it might be a picture of a link that acts when you click it, or the whole image & link could conceivably be in a PDF file that's been rendered by the browser/app.

It's common for email clients and those webmail systems that are reasonably configurable to allow you to tell them not to fetch anything (CSS, images etc) from elsewhere, because sometimes the links are unqiue to each recipient and by fetching such a link you inform the server that YOU did get the email and responded to it.

I've never used gmail so I don't know if it offers that level of control, nor - if it does - whether you've got it configured not to fetch remote files. If it does, and you have, then that implies that the image data is actually in the email, but it could still be in a pdf (or I suppose some other format) not obviously an image.

I think you need to tell us precisely what the email contains, and also look at the config options in each of the apps/browsers/webmail systems you're using.
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Old 28 Dec 2018, 03:29 AM   #3
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Arrow Load remote images Fastmail security setting

How do you have your Fastmail remote image security set up? You can find this setting at:
Settings>Mail>Preferences>Reading>Load remote images
Your choices are:
  • Always load external content
  • Load external contents from my contacts, otherwise ask
  • Ask before loading any external content
If you set that Fastmail security setting to the 2nd or 3rd setting shown above, you will get a warning message containing a link similar to this:
Remote images blocked to protect your privacy. Load images

My guess is that you are either ignoring that warning message or some setting in your browser is hiding it from you.

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