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Old 11 Sep 2023, 10:57 AM   #1
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Fastmail not showing

My fastmail account is not showing any new email since yesterday evening. Test emails (employer and gmail) are not getting through although I seem to be able to send out.

I've tried sending to both my private domain email and the @fastmail address - no success. I've also checked the mx records are unchanged so hopefully no-one has hijacked my domain.

I've seen this with ios application, ios mail (imap), and webpage. The webpage is spinning 'reconnecting to server', and imap on ios is stating 'The mail server "" is not responding'.

Update. I just tried sending another test email from the web interface - it's been spinning away for minutes now without sending. What's going on?

All the fastmailstatus etc pages show green smilies or equivalent. Is anyone else suffering delivery issues.
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Old 11 Sep 2023, 12:38 PM   #2
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Smile No problems seen in Dallas Texas

I'm sending this post about 90 minutes after your original post. I just sent three test messages from other accounts at these services and they arrived quickly in my Fastmail account:
  • Another independent Fastmail account (sent to my main account master login account address)
  • Gmail (sent to my person domain hosted at Fastmail)
  • Yahoo (sent to my person domain hosted at Fastmail)
It sounds from your description like you have a connectivity problem to the Fastmail servers. I'm in the US (Dallas Texas area). If you still have difficulties, I suggest filing a Fastmail support request at the button near the upper right corner of the main help page at:

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Old 11 Sep 2023, 05:15 PM   #3
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Yes, this sounds like a connectivity problem.

There are websites where you can enter some other website's name or IP address (if you know it) - or, although these services often say "website" really they mean any online service, eg a mail server ... and they will tell you if they can see it (ie get a response when sending a test command to it).

Some of these sites only test from one or two places, while others run the test from many places.

That matters because the route between you and the server you are trying to talk to is quite diferent in different parts of the world. If the machine you are trying to talk to doesn't respond to anyone then either it is down, or something in the route to it that is close to it is down. On the other hand, if eg a substantial part of the internet is not functioning in France, then people there will be out of luck but people elsewhere will see no problem.

Sites I regularly use for tests are:
- shows whether pings sent to your specified site worked from multiple international locations
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Old 11 Sep 2023, 06:30 PM   #4
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I also had some trouble sending yesterday and today.
Yesterday I tried sending (using Fastmail webmail) a message with a 2-3MB attachment, it it took a very long time to upload 9but after an hour or two the message was eventually sent). right now I have a message being sent with 5 attachments, each about that size, and it seems to be stuck for more than an hour (but if I rely on yesterday's experience, eventually it will be sent). I haven't had that kind of problem in the past (sending from the same PC using the same browser, sometime with larger attachments). I also don't seem to have a problem sending much smaller emails, but perhaps the slowness is not noticeable with smaller messages.
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Old 12 Sep 2023, 06:17 AM   #5
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I'm a PObox customer, using only Fastmail's web interface.
Didn't notice any delays with sent messages, but my attachments were all small ones.
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Old 12 Sep 2023, 08:16 AM   #6
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Thumbs up Production web interface can’t see Notes or Calendar changes made on beta <RESOLVED>

As I noted earlier, I’m not seeing any problems with email (or the Files feature). But something is not working correctly with the Notes and Calendar features for the past day or maybe two with respect to only the production version of the web interface.

If I add a new note or calendar entry or I change an existing note or calendar entry using the Fastmail beta web interface or either beta or production iOS/iPadOS app, that change is not seen on only the Fastmail production web interface. But that change is seen as normal on the beta web interface and both production and beta iOS/iPadOS apps.

The inverse does not fail in this manner. Changes made using the production web interface are visible on the beta web interface and beta or production iOS/iPadOS apps.

Refreshing the web interface or closing that window and opening a new web instance does not fix this problem.

I’m going to file a support request in a few minutes for this issue. I use an iPhone, iPad, and PC every day for accessing the Fastmail features in both the app and web interface. It appears to me that the production web interface is missing something which works on the beta web interface and both production and beta iOS and iPadOS interfaces.

UPDATE: This bug seems to have been fixed before I got around to filing a support request.


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