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Email Help Needed! Having problems with your email service, or with the email software you're using? Post your questions and answers here!

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Question Is there AOL FREEmail support contact E-MAIL address?..

Hi 2 everyone...

First of all, sorry in advance for my English, which to my shame isn't perfect enough (far from this)...

As a some start, here's my short story (in order to a bit introduce myself and make acquaintance)... So, thank You in advance for Your reading...
You may think that I'm silly (hell, maybe I really am), but as I've gotten older, I've started to forget my passwords more and more often... And now, indeed, it's a VERY big problem for me, honestly... Oh, You have no idea to what extent... I have too many different web accounts on different Internet places (so to say), and I'm always trying to have different passwords for those... For all and every of them... Well, as number of my web accounts is growing constantly during the life course, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember all of the passwords (especially those of them which I use less often)... But still, for safety and security reasons, I never note them down anywhere (maybe it's time to start?)... In efforts to hold all this information in my head somehow, I'm trying to use some kind of system or so, which helps me every time to remember what I currently need (actually, the password)... Something like associative thinking... Sometimes I can sit remembering one of my passwords for a long time, but thanks to this associative system, in the long run, I always manage to remember... Well, almost always... In other case(s), I use password recovery option, or (in the worst case) - contact support center...

Closer to AOL...
Around two month ago I decided to review and clean up all my settings (I do it not so often, but periodically)... I started from my password (actually, I forgot it), which was already very old, and changed it according to my newest (so to speak, the most updated) associative system... And also, I've decided to update (change) my recovery e-mail address as well... I deleted previous one (saved the changes), started to enter my new one.. and.. right in that exact moment, before I even finished typing, whole my local system was crashed!.. Can You imagine something like this!?. In fact, the problem was not exactly in the system, but in my PC... So, then it took some time (and money) to fix everything and make it work over again, it wasn't so fast... Well, the problem now is that during this not so short time I forgot two all-important (i would say crucial) things: I forgot to finish my settings cleaning up (and set new recovery address after all), and I forgot the new password that I set for my AOL account... So, now I am in situation, in which I can't use password recovery option since my account doesn't has any account recovery options for password resetting...
I spent almost whole day trying to remember and even pick up that stupid password, and this is a thing that I commonly successfully manage to do, but I just can't do it this time, in such a crappy situation... And even more disappointing that I am sure that I'm somewhere very close, but just can't find the the one in no way... Truly saying, I have exhausted all my options and variants... But still the most disappointing that I as before have full access to that 'old' recovery e-mail address that I deleted from the settings right before that crash!..

I live in Ukraine, and making a call to USA is too expensive for me... But is there any other ways (free ways) for me to contact their mail support?.. Considering that my account is completely free (I haven't paid for anything)...

Thank You 2 all in advance...

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I wish you the best of luck....especialy with AOL "service"...Let's face it...AOL (free) email service s&cks monkeyballs. I stopped using it.

Maybe a stupid question...but WHY don't you use a more reliable service like Yandex,Outlook, Gmail comes into mind..!! I think even Yahoo is better then AOL.....


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The only thing I can find is this, if it helps:

Send them a Tweet for assistance.

RE passwords: it's actually considered bad advice to not write down your passwords ("for security purposes"). As long as you keep the paper with the password written on it in a secure place, it should be fine.

And I agree about switching to a different provider if calling the US is too expensive for you. Yandex has an Ukrainian service:
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