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Early Warning... If an email service has closed down or changed the services it offers, or if there are indications it is about to do so, post about it here.

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Old 6 Jun 2017, 08:20 PM   #1
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Unhappy No more free 'guest' accounts at

Dear **********
Back in January we contacted you with some important information about your ********** FastMail account.
We're now contacting you again to remind you that from 31st July, 2017 our 'Guest' level plans will be discontinued.
To continue using your FastMail account after this time you'll need to select one of our current plans. Please note: your email address will remain the same.
As a long-time FastMail user we're offering you 50% OFF all upgrades until the end of July, which includes our already discounted multi-year subscriptions.
And if you upgrade now we'll also add all the remaining time until 31 July for free!
Enjoy a better email experience with one of our great FastMail plans
With a Basic, Standard or Professional level account from FastMail, you'll have access to many great features including:
Loads of storage - with plans to suit all user types you can be confident there's always plenty of room for your emails.
Personal support - when you need that extra helping hand, we're here for you.
No ads, no data mining - With FastMail, there's no mining of your personal data and no ads, ever.
FastMail mobile apps - designed for a richer, more intuitive email experience on your mobile device.
Our powerful FastMail calendar - better manage your day-to-day activities.
We're improving FastMail for all our customers
FastMail has always been a premium email service, paid for entirely by the subscription fees of our users.
Historically, 'Guest' plans were limited trial accounts funded by advertising. As the internet landscape evolved, we chose to remove all advertising as it began to compromise the security and privacy we pride ourselves on.
'Guest' level accounts have not been available to new customers since 2012, with the vast majority of Guest users having since chosen one of our paid plans or discontinuing their service.
Again, we thank you for using FastMail over the years, and hope you decide to continue with our service. However, if you decide we're no longer the service for you we also make it easy to download all your data.
Remember, to receive a special 50% discount simply purchase any subscription before 31st July 2017.
Upgrading is easy
Changing to one of our current plans can be done quickly and easily from your existing account. There's no need to create a new account and your current email address will continue to work as normal.
To upgrade your account just head to the 'Billing & Plan' menu screen.
Select your preferred plan and subscription duration and then choose your payment option.
Any discount and credit will be automatically applied when you upgrade.
Keep using your current email address.
The FastMail Team
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Old 7 Jun 2017, 04:22 AM   #2
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Not exactly hot news. Discussed ad nauseam in the Fastmail subforum.
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Old 19 Jun 2017, 04:10 PM   #3
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Definitely OLD news. Worst part is that the new upgrades do not work and there is no upgrade path available per the notice, so after 13 years on fastmail, I will lose my account`in a few days.
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Old 20 Jun 2017, 01:46 PM   #4
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I keep hopeing they will forget this and instead start asking us to start paying for our accounts on the classic side!!!

I told Brong I would pay $50 a month!!!!!!!!! (This is going to make it hard for me)

Why dont people care anymore??
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Originally Posted by Bamb0 View Post
Why dont people care anymore??
Some people are more adapt to change, apparently.
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Originally Posted by mmerlinn View Post
... Worst part is that the new upgrades do not work and there is no upgrade path available per the notice, so after 13 years on fastmail, I will lose my account`in a few days.
I don't understand your post.
  • I have had no trouble upgrading accounts. Did you have difficulty getting your payment accepted?
  • The notice tells you exactly how to upgrade. It does not state that "there is no upgrade path available".
  • Guest account owners never paid anything. So they have no credit toward a new paid account except for the 50% discount.
  • Member account owners can apply their original membership fee to the new account, as well as the 50% discount. This means that they can get a free Basic account for one year.
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