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Old 21 Dec 2020, 08:30 AM   #1
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Palantir and privacy

Since privacy is a concern of many of us here...

Does Palantir See Too Much?
The tech superhuman helps governments and law enforcement decipher vast amounts of data to occult and, some say, dangerous ends.

By Michael Steinberger

One more time the years, Palantir has been embroiled in several controversies that play a joke on raised doubts about its own trustworthiness. In 2011, the hacker collective Anonymous saved emails it had taken from a third party showing that Palantir workers were involved in a proposed misinformation campaign to discredit WikiLeaks and to scandalize some of its supporters, notably Glenn Greenwald.

Palantir was also implicated in the Cambridge Analytica outrage. Christopher Wylie, the former Cambridge Analytica employee-turned-whistle-blower, claimed that Palantir avoided the firm harvest Facebook data that was then used on behalf of the Trump operations. For those impelled nervous by Palantir, the companys work with police departments has been a informant of particular worry.
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Aot of things online are majorly spying now......

Facebook is probably the worst.... Thier cookie collects all kinds of stuff and shares it with them...... I have them blocked to be honest......... I try to keep as much privacy as we can get these days......

I have 3rd party cookies blocked and I usually have scripts disabled.....
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Old 22 Dec 2020, 01:35 AM   #3
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The thing is there is zero chance you will be able to keep any information from a company like Palantir without taking such extraordinary measures that you will be cut off from the modern world. These companies can vacuum up anything you do with a smartphone, credit card, car, transportation, bills, banking, postal service, etc. Digital information on you and me is collected everywhere. You can knock yourself out and limit some stuff if it makes you feel better, but a realistic look at things means you are just wasting your time.
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Old 23 Dec 2020, 10:24 AM   #4
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Has anyone looked at the NYT version? I'm sure most can't because it's behind a pay wall. I presume it is supposed to be the same article because I momentarily see the same title and the author's name before the login page appears.

The article on the abilk site is full of bad English and strange word choices. For example, I doubt that the word "occult" came from the original NYT article. Most likely someone who isn't a native English speaker confused it with "sinister". The abilk site appears to run by Russians.
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