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Email Help Needed! Having problems with your email service, or with the email software you're using? Post your questions and answers here!

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Old 20 Jul 2017, 12:30 AM   #1
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email migration


I'm running out of disk space at my cpanel web host. They won't give me more space, because I am in violation of their TOS, because I'm using too much space for email.

There's about a dozen email accounts on a subdomain that I manage for a friend. I reconfigured one email account from IMAP to POP to save space, but I don't really like that, because now only his sent mail is kept on the server. So I'm looking for a different solution for another account that's taking up the most space.

I'm thinking of migrating to gmail or and setting up a forwarder in cpanel.

I'm testing the gmail migration and have a couple problems:

1. My friend uses Outlook, so that's a headache. Maybe he could use

2. I'd like sent emails to appear as from xxxx@[my] instead of I configured a reply to address, but can you configure a default "send from" address? The "from dropdown" in Outlook's "compose mail" isn't very convenient. You have to select your "from address" every time you compose an email.

3. I've been using a forwarder with my main domain, and it's not very reliable. Do I need to do something with MX records in addition to setting up the forwarder? Or did I mess it up when I deleted the email account after setting up the forwarder?

Can you suggest solutions to the above gmail issues, or can you suggest alternatives to gmail?

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They won't give you more space because you're using too much space? That doesn't make sense... no wonder you want to move on.

You don't say if you're looking for a free or paid service. (My personal opinion is that you get what you pay for; it's said that if you use a free service, you're not the customer, you're the product.) I have used Fastmail for 15 years (far longer than any previous email service), and they're a good solid service; I haven't used Runbox or Polarismail, but from what I've heard they are also good, solid services which are well-regarded here.
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The host mentioned does not provide any free service, it is safe to assume they are seeking a paid service.
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I'd agree you need to look at a provider which would not restrict the size of mailbox.

I never had a problem when I was using the other option is to use a different email provider from the website host. All you'd have to do is change the MX Record.

Several providers on here might do what you want. This may save having to move the website, just move the email host. Also you may get a better quality email service at the same time.

What I would also suggest is setting up someone like to filter out spam email and act as a backup mx server in case your host goes down so emails don't bounce.
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Possible to just download the bulk of the emails on one account and store them somewhere offline or in a generic cloud storage? Personally, it sounds like the service and the arrangement is becoming a hassle to manage, so longer term I would consider moving to one of the many providers discussed on here that have bigger storage limits and/or expansion options.
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