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Email Comments, Questions and Miscellaneous Share your opinion of the email service you're using. Post general email questions and discussions that don't fit elsewhere.

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Recommend Email Service with More Control?

Hi, my email service provider doesn't really allow me much of any control. I can log into their site, create/delete email addresses, change passwords, and for a fee add more storage space to an account. That's it.

I would like to find a service that gives me more control but short of me having to set up & fully manage my own email server (we only have 10 employees, maybe 15 email addresses). I'd ideally like to be able to do things like automatically delete emails older than a certain date, etc.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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For a business, G Suite, which is basically Gmail on steroids. They give you control over how long emails are kept:

$10 per month per employee with unlimited online storage, the best spam filters in the business, and all the other Google apps. I wish our small nonprofit would make the switch, but it is hard to convince the board that anything in the cloud is secure.
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Welcome to the EMD Forums!

You might try Fastmail (who has a subforum here at EMD):

A Standard or Professional Fastmail account lets you set up aliases at Fastmail-owned domains (such as,, and many others) and at any domains you own. For your domains, all you need to do is to purchase the domain and you can manage everything (including simple basic static website hosting) at no cost using the Fastmail web interface. You will have quite a few features, including:
  • Automatic deletion of message older than a specified interval in certain folders (if you wish).
  • Automatic backups. Fastmail backs up your account so that you can recover from mistakes. For example, in the web interface Compose screen your entries are automatically saved about every 30 seconds (or when you force a save). If you computer crashes or you lose your internet connection, the saved partial message will be found in your Drafts folder. Deleted messages are moved to your Trash folder, where they will remain until you delete them. If you purge messages from the Trash folder, the purged messages can be recovered from using an automated restore feature (which a user can directly access) for at least one week. Fastmail uses two servers running simultaneously, so if one server crashes in the middle of some operation the other one will still correctly process your message.
  • Security: Fastmail staff is mainly in Australia, but they have their main servers at a professional data center in New Jersey, US. See:
  • Message rules: Incoming messages can be automatically processes using rules. For example, when you receive a message from someone you can choose to create a new rule which will automatically file future messages from that sender into a certain folder, or forward them to another email account, or delete them.
  • Calendar: The Fastmail web interface has an integrated calendar which can be automatically synchronized with other services. For example, I have my Fastmail calendar synchronized with my iPhone and iPad calendars.
  • Address Book: The Fastmail web interface includes an online address book feature. You can import or export addresses or easily add and edit them. You can assign certain addresses to a group, then send outgoing messages to that group or make a distribution list to that group assigned to an alias.
  • Files: You can store any files on the Fastmail server. Then you can access them with a URL or even automatically make a photo gallery.
  • Mobile apps (iOS for iPhone/iPad and Android). These allow you to access most account features from a mobile device.
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