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Old 25 Dec 2018, 06:08 AM   #1
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Where is ARCHIVE?

Hello All:

Friend sent me a photo into my Gmail. I click the "Archive" and it finished in a short while.

I know that this picture has been saved in the "ARCHIVE" BUT, I tried to find the picture again, I even can not find the "ARCHIVE"!

Where is the "ARCHIVE" located!?
-- Zhao
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The "e" in e-mail
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Do you have a ALL MAIL tab, is the e-mail in question showing there?
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Old 26 Dec 2018, 02:16 AM   #3
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Where is ARCHIVE?

Hello Fred Online:

On the left-side bottom, there is more/less button. Click the "more" I can see
"All Mail". BUT "All Mail" are nothing but received mails.

I did not see "eMail" and "Archive" ! By the way, what is eMail???

-- Zhao
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Old 26 Dec 2018, 04:00 AM   #4
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Arrow Archived messages are in All Mail

Hi, Zhao. Gmail does not use folders. Instead you apply labels to messages. Archiving removes all labels.
  • When you receive a new message it is normally assigned the Inbox label.
  • Messages can be assigned multiple labels.
  • What may appear to you to be a folder list at the left is actually a filter which allows you to view only messages marked with that label. So when you click Inbox at the left you are viewing all messages marked with the Inbox label.
  • When you use the Archive button it removes all labels from that message. So if the message was in Inbox it will disappear. But All Mail displays all messages (except those with the Spam or Trash label).
  • So all archived messages are visible when you click All Mail.
  • You can also find archived messages using the Search mail tool at the top. For example, you can use these search terms:
    • has:attachment (finds all messages which have an attachment)
    • from:name (use part of the From name or part of the From email address)
    • subject:word (searches for that word in the subject)
    • You can also just type any words related to the messages you want to find in the search tool.
      Find help on search here:
  • One trick is to search for all messages from your friend with an attachment using the following search string. There is an implied AND between these two search terms.
    from:friend_name has:attachment
  • So if the friend's email address or name included "suzi2018" you would use the following search to discover messages from this friend with an attachment (such as a photo). You can enter this in the Search mail field at the top even if you are viewing your Inbox:
    from:suzi2018 has:attachment

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Old 26 Dec 2018, 11:18 PM   #5
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Hello n5bb:

Your reply is wondful! -- Zhao
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