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Email Comments, Questions and Miscellaneous Share your opinion of the email service you're using. Post general email questions and discussions that don't fit elsewhere.

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Hey friends,

I really love this thread because reading it back reveals so many things. It shows insight into the day to day of building out an email service, and it shows my growth as a person (for better or worse, and I've had no shortage of room for improvement as an individual). Because of that, I wanted to continue the trend and share with you guys some more insight into what it's like to run an email provider. Especially one that offers certain "unlimited" values to try to challenge the market:

Sometimes people wonder how you can sell something that can't be utilized at 100% capacity by 100% of customers without kicking people off the boat simply for utilizing it. I have a fun story to that end.

Obviously, if 100% of our customers created 100 email accounts and sent 300 emails per hour (our limit per email account by policy) from every one of them, MXroute would be in crisis mode to keep up. The reality is that to this day, with this exceptional number of customers under my belt, I'm monitoring the top 15 senders every hour of every day and the last email on the list most hours sends 10-15 emails in that hour. The need for sending high volume is easily broken up by our policy of not creating additional email accounts for the sole purpose of bypassing the 300 outbound per hour (per email account), or by intent (don't spam, don't run scams through our service).

Despite the potential of someone legitimate being a consistently top sender that pushes against the 300 outbound per hour limit, anyone meeting that threshold consistently has always created for themselves the events that lead to their termination. It isn't that I want to terminate the top senders, it's that in practice literally no one makes it into that category under our policies for good reason (meaning not "burst" sending but consistent, every hour of every day). You see, I just terminated our top sender since 2016. It took 4 years for someone to report to me what they'd been doing, but our outbound numbers will now be dropping by at least 50%. You won't disagree with my reason for terminating them, and you may find it intriguing:

I found that we've been harboring a huge scam in China that has been going on for years, largely under the radar. If you start searching for it you'll probably find some version of it, and you'll find the reports very disconnected because no one has connected them all together. They're good at making sure that doesn't happen. There are thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of websites selling cheap goods from China with this business plan: No matter what they order, send them a pair of sunglasses and when they complain, offer a 40% refund (and never even provide that). That has been our top sender for 4 years. It turns out, though they never told us why, this is the reason why we've had randomly blacklist some of our IPs (they always cleared the blocks on request, never offered insight into why).

I thought you all might like the story.

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