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Email Help Needed! Having problems with your email service, or with the email software you're using? Post your questions and answers here!

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Old 27 May 2013, 11:23 PM   #1
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All my old sent emails have appeared back in "Sent" folder

Hi Everyone.

I have a strange problem. All of my old sent emails which had been filed in various folders for years (i.e. taken out of the Sent Mail folder) all appeared back in my Sent Mail folder at the end of last week.

I went through them all again and filed them all away where they should be, and this morning, they are all back in the Sent Mail folder again !!

If it helps, I use GMail through IMAP/Outlook 2010, although I'm not sure if this is relevant as ven when I log into Gmail without using Outlook, these sent items are still there.

I have been having problems with duplicate sent items appearing in the Sent Mail folder when sending from Outlook. I followed the rules for getting rid of this (ticking the "Do Not Save Copies of Sent Items" udner account settings, but this soon reverts back and I need to keep going into this setting to fix it.

Maybe this is relevant to my original problem?

Can anyone help.

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Old 28 May 2013, 02:45 AM   #2
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In Gmail, the folders you see in IMAP are not real folders. They're just labels. So the same email can appear in multiple folders/labels, and if you have a folder/label whose contents are generated automatically by the Google systems, you won't be able to move any mail out of it except by deleting it completely.

For example, every single mail that you ever sent or received will appear in the All Mail folder, and you can't move them out of that folder. Outlook will pretend that a message was moved, but it won't actually be moved because Gmail won't allow it, so the mail will reappear the next time Outlook refreshes the folder.

I'm not sure about the Sent Mail folder's behavior, but I wouldn't be surprised if its contents were automatically generated by searching for every single mail that you ever sent. Again, those folders are not real folders. You can't expect them to behave like real folders. If you have a problem with that, unfortunately the only available solution is to ditch Gmail and use a service that supports real IMAP folders.
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Old 28 May 2013, 04:00 AM   #3
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Unhappy exactly same issue

kijinbear, I'm having exactly the same problem, started at the end of last week also. Can't find anything about it, but this thread. Any news?
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