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Old 22 Mar 2017, 02:48 PM   #1
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Tags - What Standard?

I am increasingly using Tags in combination with a lower number of folders.

In this regard I have a considerable number of e-mails that are filed nicely but are not tagged. Bulk tagging is not available through webmail; however, if I knew whether the Runbox tagging system is Proprietary, IMAP tagging based or some other standard then it should be possible to Tag bulk e-mails through an e-mail client - Apple mail or Thunderbird.

I know that when I export e-mails to PDF using email Archiver and then store them in Devonthink Pro the Runbox Tag is transmitted through the process (but not visible in Apple Mail or Thunderbird).

So what is the Runbox Tagging standard?
Have users found a way to successfully bulk tag e-mails?

System: macOS 10.12
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Old 23 Mar 2017, 02:47 AM   #2
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There is something that works sort of like bulk tagging: Set the number of mails in the webmail preference to the largest value for your desired folder, go to the folder, select all messages displayed by clicking the top checkbox, and select Mark -> Flag.

Regarding what kind of tag it is (I don't use a mail client, thus I cannot test it): Simply try flagging a message in a mail client of your choice and check whether you can see it in webmail.

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Old 23 Mar 2017, 04:57 AM   #3
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Smile Tags - What Standard?

Thanks Gecko.

Flags are designed for another purpose completely - which I do use to:
- highlight e-mails requiring attention (later)
- for sorting and control process of a large number of e-mails

I have actually tested MailTags and Meta (the latter has not been upgraded for macOS). MailTags apparently was going through all my e-mails and left me with a flashing screen for an hour. I thought it might be stripping information (even existing Runbox Tags). When it settled I tried tagging but this did not seem to come through to Runbox webmail - although they indicate it should update IMAP Tags.

Still exploring.
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Old 23 Mar 2017, 08:23 AM   #4
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Representative of:
Hi Quejinok,

The tags in our webmail are just stored in the database and are a convenience feature. The don't comply to any particular standard.

Tags set in apps like Thunderbird are stored on our IMAP servers and as such you can sync tags between Thunderbird (or similar) clients. They don't sync to the webmail though as this is an IMAP function. The webmail does not read from IMAP to show your messages and therefore doesn't pick up the tags set via IMAP.

More universal tags such as reply, forward and a "highlight" flag are of course to a standard that works across webmail and IMAP. I hope that helps.
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Old 23 Mar 2017, 06:20 PM   #5
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Cool Tags - What Standard?

Thanks dbowdley.

That means I can stop searching elsewhere for a bulk tagging method. Guess I will need to wait for Runbox developments in this area.

Personally, I think tagging should be according to a standard, eg IMAP as an example, as it would make them portable between (some) clients and webmail.

The present implementation is fine for incoming messages to be done as you read them; however, the ability to bulk tag filed e-mails would be good. New clients may appreciate it as they move their e-mail stores to Runbox but existing clients may also want to add a further level of classification to old e-mails. Doing this one at a time is not practicable.

I also note that if the number of tagged items (under a specific tag) exceeds the webmail message settings it is not possible to move to the next screen containing messages under the same tag. Accordingly only 1000 items (which is a lot) under a tag can be displayed at any time.

Further, a search cannot be refined to two or more tags.

Thoughts for the future.
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