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Email Comments, Questions and Miscellaneous Share your opinion of the email service you're using. Post general email questions and discussions that don't fit elsewhere.

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Encrypted passwords and other personal info was stolen for all 3 billion accounts. That does not mean 3 billion accounts were broken into.

Full story:
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The "e" in e-mail
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This was hot news in Sept 2016
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Steven Avery
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an email provider to replace AOL which handles the Verizon mail

Good thread. I think I need a new server company so I will comment here.

My Verizon email is now on AOL. I want to leave AOL as I understand that they have a server-level SPAM that bounces mail back to the user. And then requires whitelist. This is not really acceptable. I want the ability to see all the mail.

Presumably I am stuck in terms of my Verizon email addy? Can that be transferred to a good email company.

All this mail is POP, I like to download it, so there is need for large storage. A couple of reasonable priced (or free) recommendations welcome. The most that backlogs is a couple of thousand email.

That Tutanota and Fastmail suggestion to check looks good. I've tried fastmail in the past. One Eudora guy recommended netaddress, a blast from the past, that he still uses. And I may set up a permanent new mailing address and wean stuff off of my two addies. Since it looks like they are stuck in AOL Quicksand.

When I use Gmail (various accounts), I actually forward it to my download POP server and leave it on Gmail. Works fine, I have the Gmail search and quick check when I am on the road, e.g. with my iPad.

My email program at home had been Eudora for about 15 years. AOL was not playing nice, so right now I am using TheBat!. I like both programs. TheBat! is more likely to keep up with all the certificate type of stuff in the future, but usually Eudora works fine, if you know a trick or two. AOL, however, no.
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I don't think there is any way to "extract" your Verizon or AOL address. I have changed away from various providers and I find that it is not worth mass mailing everyone and asking them to update your email address. I manually update as many as I can at businesses I know have the address, and I put a signature on my outgoing emails from the new provider saying something like "Note my new email address." I then forward emails from the old address if possible and in Gmail I can apply a label to them so as they come into my new mailbox I can attempt to send an update of the new email address to the correspondent or make a change if it is a business. After a few months of this the old address use dwindles to a pretty low level, though I do find that personal correspondents and even many businesses will not update their address books. This is also a good time for you to consider moving your email to an address you control on your own domain so in the future you can move to another provider or whatever and be in control of it.
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