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Old 5 Jan 2017, 01:03 AM   #1
Steven Avery
Join Date: Jul 2012
Posts: 42
one (to five) high-quality POP mailboxes with my domain name

My need now is relatively simple.

One lightly used high-quality personal account. Likely with my own domain. Likely POP. Maybe other similar lightly used accounts added later. (sub-accounts) Maybe up to five. Cost modest ($50/yr or less would be expected.)

Presumably my own domain name is helpful, since otherwise if I switch hosts I am stuck in the muck. So I would set up a domain like:


and then have email like:


Or I might set up a domain like www to have flexibility with friends using the email sub-accts. Or some domain name with personal pizazz.

Now, I don't mind the $25-50 a year of an external services, especially since I can switch services, moving the name. And If the expense is a hassle, I can probably have my techie friend put it all our server next year. However, if the company does a good job, why bother? Maybe I will use their web interface a bit.

And I think I want this as a POP mailbox because I want to be sure that I can work at home with Eudora or TheBat!. It is important that when I hit reply, the server and my name match up properly, I don't want to worry about trying to use an alias or anything that would stretch the envelope of authenticity acceptance down the line.

The access on the server would be used if I am traveling (perhaps using "keep mail on server".) There is also the Teamviewer when on the road.

Fastmail seems to be well regarded as in this thread.

Which approach for implementing own domain?

Is there anything that would make one email company shine as the best for this modest use? Is there anything that would disqualify companies? Thinking largely of the usual suspects. Runbox, PoBox, Fastmail, Tuffmail and others.

And am I missing any basics?




Additional Notes:

Heavy volume forum mail accounts will be handled elsewhere. Such as my grandfathered Verizon "keepyouremail" or "VerizonYourDomain" account. Right down to the mailboxes on disk by POP. I never look at them online. (This need arose because of one of those accounts glitching out, it got locked and Verizon is like ... duhhh.)

And I do use Gmail for various internet things, generally I forward that mail to my POP mailbox as well. So my homebase desktop client has a copy of everything. I do not particularly like to compose online, GMail or anybody I have seen so far. Thus, I have many gmail accounts. Also one master gmail account that gets forwards from the others. In fact, they recently did not want to add an account because my cell phone verification had been used too much. (Not a big problem.)
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Old 6 Jan 2017, 07:27 AM   #2
Steven Avery
Join Date: Jul 2012
Posts: 42
first go the economy namecheap route with POP download

I use Namecheap for Domain Registration and have a good personal name registered <> .

Alternately, I could register a longer <my-first-middle-last> Would that look classier on the actual email addy?


On email hosting, now it looks like my basic choices are simply to get the Namecheap package for about $10/yr.


Or go to Runbox, POBox, Fastmail or one of the others using the same domain name, for a bit more .. (Runbox seems to give the first two years for the price of one). I should check to see if Gmail will be a good option to take a rinky-dink personal account like this where you bring the domain (not a full-blown Gsuite or Biz acct.)

If my goal is 99.9% simply POP download, there might not be much of a difference. I'm thinking of starting with Namecheap and then possibly switching, if there seems to be some significant advantages, after a little trial of the super-economy mode. I may have my big $10 investment at stake if I switch early. It would be a test of the super-economy mode for friends who might like a permanent email for $10/yr (if they already have a sensible domain) or about $20/year with a new domain.

Since I am going to POP download, there won't be any active mail anyway on the Namecheap at the time of the switch.

Namecheap support is LiveAgent type of stuff, seems reasonably decent for this purpose.

My alternative is to go directly to Runbox, Fastmail or such, without passing Go, without stopping at Namecheap.Gmail too, if they are in that game.

Am I making sense?


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Old 9 Jan 2017, 03:48 PM   #3
Steven Avery
Join Date: Jul 2012
Posts: 42
it went ok with Namecheap

Anyway, for this personal email account, for now I am using the $10/yr private email service from Namecheap.

You can add additional email boxes for $3/yr. (Aliases are free but that is really not relevant since you can send mail from an alias.)

The POP download from TheBat! and Eudora are both working.

And I set up a forward to a Gmail box.

This is all for my personal box that has a domain for about $10/yr. At the moment I am not using the domain on a website basis, but that could change.


Some people grumble about the .biz extension but here it looks fine and apparently it is not really a problem for email today. However, I could change to another extension.

It looks like a decent start at my newly needed permanent personal box. I'll consider the Runbox, Pobox, Fastmail type change later, clearly the Oxmail setup with Namecheap is somewhat rudimentary. However, this is really designed as a POP Windows desktop account.

My heavy-duty forum and volume mail has another locale on my old Verizon Fios keepyouremail account.

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