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Old 15 Jul 2020, 03:57 PM   #1
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Lightbulb Mass emailing extension


First post, but have been lurking here for Fastmail info for months.

So I come from Gmail and am happy with Fastmail, but there are some features I miss. Actually Gmail doesn't have them either, provided them. Eventually I got myself together and implemented them myself (with help from colleagues).

I'm a dev myself, but how Fastmail works isn't exactly easy to understand. I take it this is why this extension hadn't been made before. JMAP itself is cool, how Fastmail open-sourced their approach.

So anyway currently the extension only has bulk sending. Future holds mail merge (variables), auto-followup, click/open-tracking and whatever feature requests we get.

So if you've needed this before you may wanna give it a run.


I actually own a dev company (we're like 6 devs and 1 manager) so if this gets any traction I'd love to provide proper support and really make it into a proper product. Thus I'm also launching on PH: if you share my interest in it.

Questions, requests, thoughts are all welcome.
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Old 18 Jul 2020, 07:34 AM   #2
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Low-key newsletters for example for a very young company, not very large school or a charity etc may very well stay within the account limits, including the 100msgs/min limit, but honestly I find it difficult to see an enterprise (=well monetizable) use for this, at least at practical scale.

At our company, for newsletter-like mailings, we always generate them and then send them using SMTP or SMTP-as-a-service, bypassing any web UI. The designers or PR people may compose the messages but the email gateway (we use Momentum MTA) is managed by engineering, so we prefer "headless" solutions and god forbid we trust a web UI addon with our main communications channel to our customers. We are not a "very" big company but we already send millions of emails per day, I estimate even a smallish promoted mailing list for some product can easily attain 20,000 members. That makes Fastmail essentially impractical for serious emailing -- the 100msgs/min limit is a killer throttle because while 20,000 msgs may only take 3 hours, 50,000 already take an entire work day, 100,000 is almost impossible, and that's before deliverability concerns. Fastmail is for personal or organizational mail, not transactional or promotional mail (although it can be at SMALL scales, but even then, you'd better use the SMTP). I wonder how Fastmail reacts to 50,000 bounces along your return path?

If you want to charge money for the kind of services you have described you're directly competing with sendgrid, mailchimp, Amazon SES, etc. Especially the latter is damn cheap and featureful. I don't know if this is worthwhile except for a personal side project for a bit of extra income (if it works out).
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Old 18 Jul 2020, 04:16 PM   #3
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all valid points. this product is indeed for lists below 1000 emails. is doing rather well, but I supposed that's only thanks to gmail's huge userbase.

I couldn't find any info - how many users does fastmail actually have?
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Old 18 Jul 2020, 08:39 PM   #4
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Dada Mail - - is a great mailing list manager. It is very customizable, and I have used it for several different websites I have created. I don't use it any more though just because I have no need to.

- Bruce
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