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Email Help Needed! Having problems with your email service, or with the email software you're using? Post your questions and answers here!

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Old 29 Jan 2017, 04:24 AM   #1
The "e" in e-mail
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Mobile Outlook Message Display Issue

I'm experiencing a perplexing issue with mobile Outlook (iOS) where all messages of a certain type from only 2 senders (a bank and a power company) show only the from and to fields, the date and subject. The message bodies are missing. When I use other clients such as Apple Mail for iOS or use a Web App, the messages display fully and correctly. The messages not displaying are ones that are specific to my accounts with the senders, rather than generic newsletters, etc. Any ideas what may be causing certain messages from only 2 senders not to display in Outlook iOS?
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Old 30 Jan 2017, 03:10 AM   #2
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This is probably due to the display of images (possibly external images) in the client. See:

There are several different ways to format each portion of an email when it is created:
  • Plain text
  • Rich text
  • HTML
  • HTML with embedded images
  • HTML with external images
Unfortunately, more and more commercial emails seem to place all of the important content in images. When the images are external the email size is small, but you must have an internet connection which can load the images from some external server maintained by the sender of the message. Since this can in some cases have security implications, some email clients by default block such images or only allow them to be downloaded if the sender is in your address book. But I can find no indications that the iOS Outlook app blocks images based on the address book.

My guess is that the only resolution of your issue would need to come from either the source of the messages or Microsoft (iOS Outlook app). I suggest that you use the Contact Support feature in the Settings area of the iOS Outlook app to report the problem. You might mention the source of the messages to Microsoft in the report.

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Old 31 Jan 2017, 12:33 AM   #3
The "e" in e-mail
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Thank you Bill. I think that your analysis is correct. From your link, it looks like others are having a similar issue. I contacted Microsoft support through the App. They are responsive and attempting to help, but no resolution so far.
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