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Old 19 Nov 2017, 01:45 PM   #1
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Setup FM contacts on iPhone, many duplicates!

I set up FM contacts on my iPhone using the instructions at

What I see on the FM web interface is all of my iPhone contacts and iPhone groups, but with many duplicates. Many, but not all of the contacts on the iPhone show up twice in the FM interface, once with just minimal info (email address), and once with the full info from the iPhone contact.

On my iPhone, I see exactly the same duplicates, but I have a separate view of the iOS contacts (with groups) and the FM contacts (with groups), and of course I can turn off one whole set (FM) or the other (iOS).

I then deactivated the FM carddav account on my iPhone, went into the FM interface, and deleted all the FM contacts. Now no duplicates, of course. But after I reactivated the FM carddav account on my iPhone, there are still no FM contacts. Deleting the account and reestablishing it did not help.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong here! I know I can manually import the contacts into FM, but shouldn't it be possible to set up a carddav sync between the iOS contacts and have them "become" the contacts at FM?

Or am I misunderstanding something fundamental about how FM contacts work?
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Old 19 Nov 2017, 10:27 PM   #2
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Make sure the FastMail CardDAV account is your default, not the iCloud Contacts.
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Old 20 Oct 2018, 08:50 AM   #3
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followup question re syncing FM contacts across machines and devices

I am embarrassed to say that I did not see @BritTim's apologies, and my thanks for the reply.

I should ask a more complete question...

I am trying to get all my various devices and machines to be able to share contacts, as well as to use FM (and have FM have synced contacts as well).

My current setup: I have a WIndows 10 machine (using Outlook), two Macs, and 4 iDevices with which I would like to sync contacts. Two of the iDevices use Apple ID #1 as their primary Apple ID and the other two iDevices and the 2 Macs use Apple ID #2 as their primary Apple ID, and all 4 iDevices as well as the two macs are logged into the OTHER Apple ID as nondefault accounts. The Win 10 machine has iCloud installed and is logged in to Apple ID #1. All of the machines & iDevices have Apple ID #1 as their default contacts account.

This works well, EXCEPT that FM doesn't have contacts syncing. I did upload a copy of the iCloud contacts to FM, but that doesn't keep it up to date.

If I understand @BritTim correctly, what is being suggested is that I use FM's cardDav server as the primary contacts server for everything. Yes?

Is it also advisable to turn off iCloud contacts on the Macs, Windows PC, and iDevices?

What about backups and restores? iCloud backs up contacts seamlessly every night. Presumably FM backs up contacts along with email, but how does one get access to that backup? And how long are backups kept and are accessible?

Thanks for any help folks can give.
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