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Old 26 Mar 2005, 08:05 AM   #46
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All of the above. It's an email forum, and it does all it needs to and a little more. It would be nice if we had a politics forum though--I've stayed up late just debating, it'd be nice to do that here as well But all in all, the thing I like best about EMD is I can get support from some of the great email services, without going through an endless line of automatic messages.
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I really like these forums because I get so much of email news and help from other people...

But one suggestion, why not move this topic to the "about the site" forum rather than "the off-topic lounge" forum... A moderator needs to help us out...
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Old 30 Mar 2005, 07:42 PM   #48
The Storm
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Originally posted by dragon1

(The Storm aka Stormcrow digs up another old thread )
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Re: Forums are GREAT

I like it here because its nice and calm for the most part...

No oen makes fun of ya or judges you....... This is how ALL SITES should be
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