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Old 14 Oct 2017, 04:43 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by joe_devore View Post

Same problem here sending out bcc’s to different parties. Very cumbersome. Is it possible to get Classic on the FastMail IPad app? I sure can’t find it. Yahoo free email 15 or more years ago was so much slicker.
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Old 24 Oct 2017, 02:10 AM   #17
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All the emails I've used in the past have been much less cumbersome in this respect. All emails actually seem to have degenerated over the years. I used free Yahoo email for years until they "modernized" it. Anyway, I just tried it with free Outlook email and I can simply click on the BCC and then a dropdown list of my contacts appears; similarly with Yahoo free email. Fastmail has been working well, but I use this feature a lot and the BCC's vary each time so I can't just make a group as suggested above. Will this BCC feature ever be fixed?
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Old 24 Oct 2017, 10:12 PM   #18
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Cut and paste from the 'To' field to the 'Bcc' field does not take long once you get used to doing it. That said, I do think a small adjustment to the Address Book screen to facilitate the process would be good.
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Old 28 Oct 2017, 12:47 PM   #19
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Brit - I agree, now that I've sorted it out a bit and learned that going to Contacts doesn't delete my already written msg. Still, what u said.
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Old 29 Oct 2017, 03:00 AM   #20
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Arrow Use dynamic search for addresses

I very rarely use the address book to select addresses for new messages. I find it much easier to stay in the Compose screen and just enter some portion of their contact information directly into the addressing field (such as Bcc). This causes a dynamic search in the address book for entries which match. A maximum of 10 matches are shown. Capitalization is ignored, and searches always begin at the start of the entry. So you can search for "joh" in "John" but you can't search for "ohn" in "John". The order of the search terms is ignored. The address book fields searched are:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Nickname
  • Email address local-part (before @)
  • Email address domain (after @)
  • Email group name
So let's say that you have address book entries for John Doe, Jane Doe, and their daughter Rose Doe. Here is what you find when you enter the text (which I show in quotes) into an addressing field:
  • "Do" - All email addresses of the three Does and any entry where the first name, last name, nickname, email address, email domain, or group name starts with "do".
  • "Doe" - Now all three Does are found but there will probably be very few other matches.
  • "j doe" - John Doe and Jane Doe match, but not Rose Doe.
  • "john d gmail" - This will find John Doe's (or John Damon's) gmail email address.
  • "john aol doe" - This will find John Doe's AOL email address.
You can also search for address book groups. This is an alternative for searching for individual entries.

The searches are dynamic. The typical way you use the dynamic search feature to enter several email addresses is as follows:
  • Enter a portion (or all) of the first name, space, then a portion (or all) of the last name. Usually this will reduce the search results to no more than the 10 result limit.
    • You can then use the up/down keys to select one entry. Press the Enter key when you have highlighted the desired person.
    • Or click with your mouse the desired person.
    • In either case, the address will be inserted into the addressing field you were using followed by a comma.
  • Repeat for the next person.
  • You can also use nicknames to make this easier if you are commonly sending to certain people. Use a special character at the start of the nickname so that the normal name search will be ignored. For example, if there were many John Doe's in your address book but you quite often want to send to a certain friend, give that John Doe the nickname "-john" or "1john" or the special nickname "johndoe".
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