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Old 15 Jun 2017, 01:47 PM   #436
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Originally Posted by joe_devore View Post
- folder-counts (right margin aligned, (NEW/total)
You can easily see the new and total message counts in these two ways:
  1. The unread messages in each folder are always shown. Mouse-over the folder to see the total conversation count in that folder.
  2. Click the Create or edit folders link below the folder tree. You will see a list of folders with the total message count in each folder right justified. If there are unread messages in a folder, the unread count is also shown (as a bold number in parentheses).
Originally Posted by joe_devore View Post
- Trash Folder's empty link...
A single link to empty the Trash folder is dangerous, since a single click can delete so much. There are two good ways to delete messages in your Trash folder:
  1. Set the Trash folder properties so that messages are auto-purged after some interval. I have mine set to auto-purge after 31 days. Pinned messages will not be auto-purged.
  2. Open the Trash folder. Click the checkbox at the top (which selects all messages in that folder) Then click Delete Permanently (directly above the all-folder checkbox).
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Old 15 Jun 2017, 02:45 PM   #437
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ERR THX BUT we have gone over these once or twice ALREADY..

THE work arounds DO NOT work for me...

1) the mouse over has a 1-1.25 second delay.. or so... and with almost 20 folders... that is a lot of stop and go.. every time I want to see totals..
so it does NOT work for me!

2) this option requires I load another screen every time I want to see folder mails counts...
and is only good for editing the folder settings.. so I cannot lick on one to go back to mail to read its contents....

3) Trash Empty link, !! LOL it is TWO CLICKS NOT ONE...
1 click to access the feature, which brings up the "CONFIRMATION BOX" in
the middle of the screen.. CLICK #2, to CONFIRM or CANCEL the operation!
lol so it is NO where as dangerous as you said! LOL

The best way for FastMail to handle my request to add these two much NEEDED Classic UI features... is to add them as tog-able options in the:
New UI (SETTINGS MENU) --> MAIL -->"Folders" screen

LOL, that way every one is happy.. those that want the features,
as well as those that don't want to see them..

The Classic UI has been perfect just the way it has been...
and the New UI not so or as much..

1) good new feature I do like is the ability to add new rules from from the read-mail pane.. instead of having to go all the way into the settings to get to it..
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Old 19 Jun 2017, 04:32 PM   #438
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I found another feature I liked in the Classic UI...
So I sent a 2nd feature request to FastMail support..
The Classic UI separates the search results into readable chunks/groups by folder... ie
- folder name as a header/title
- horizontal rule to separate each folders results
breaking up one massive list THAT IS HARD TO READ, into manageable chunks/groups/etc
Originally pointed out in this thread:
Any way to organize search results by folders?

ps: 11 DAYS TILL FastMail's Classic UI DOOMS DAY

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