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Old 13 May 2019, 06:36 AM   #1
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Subfolders of Spam folder no longer possible?

My legacy folder structure includes several subfolders beneath the Spam folder, e.g. Junk Mail\Backscatter, Junk Mail\Sieved, Junk Mail\Blacklisted etc. These are fed by custom Sieve filters which drop matching messages into specific folders using the destination INBOX.Junk Mail.xxxx. This has worked perfectly for years.

This evening I tried to add another folder under the Spam folder and the web interface wouldn't let me do it. I then moved one of the existing legacy folders out of the Spam hierarchy and dropped it elsewhere, but now I can't move it back using either the Edit button or drag-and-drop. I'm informed that I don't have permission. I've tried as a regular user, Admin user and Master User.

If I use the Edit button on another of the existing legacy folders under Spam, the Spam folder itself is available as a target under the Parent dropdown. But if I move that folder elsewhere and try to move it back, Spam is greyed out as a parent option.

A couple of questions:
  • Is this (relatively) new behaviour? My filters and folders have been working perfectly for as long as I can remember, but these days I exclusively use the web interface and the iOS FastMail client whereas a few years ago I also used to use Thunderbird and iOS Mail. Might this be something that Thunderbird/IMAP permitted but the web interface does not?

  • Does anyone know for certain if there's a way, perhaps using a stand-alone client, that I can effect this change before I start experimenting and possibly break something else?
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Old 13 May 2019, 11:50 AM   #2
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The behaviour has changed. You can no longer create subfolders of Spam (or Trash) using the FastMail UI.

Using an IMAP mail client such as Thunderbird still allows you to create these subfolders.

It is clear FastMail now frowns on doing this. It is known that there can be some unexpected results when processing messages in subfolders of Trash, and the same may be true of subfolders of Spam. I would advise proceeding with care. Could you achieve the results you want with a new hierarchy under, say SpamCategories.
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Old 13 May 2019, 02:28 PM   #3
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I discovered this new restriction going through almost the identical sequence of operations you did. And since I too had moved one of my nested spam folders out like you did with the inability to move it back where I originally had it I decided to move them all out into their own folder organization.

Some time months ago I submitted a ticket asking if nested folders could inherit the attributes of their parent. So that would mean folders nested in spam would be treated the same way as spam, i.e., it would show the spam score badge and have the same set of buttons, e.g., "not spam". At the time they were being treated as a normal folders. Frankly I think the addressed the problem by taking the easy way out, i.e., just not allow folders to be subfolders of spam.
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Old 13 May 2019, 03:37 PM   #4
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Cheers, folks. I just needed to know it wasn't something I'd done.

I've moved the hierarchy out from under Spam and taken the opportunity to put it nearer to the top of the tree so I can keep a closer eye on it. Biggest annoyance was changing the custom Sieve rules but it's all looking good now.

Thanks again.
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