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Old 25 Feb 2017, 06:25 PM   #1
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Moving whole conversations to folders

I am a little confused by Fastmail's approach to moving conversations.

If I have a conversation in my inbox, and I move that conversation to a sub-folder, why are messages left in my sent folder?

I want the whole conversation in the sub-folder as I routinely clear my sent folder. With Fastmail however I need to do a double move: (1) moving conversations from my inbox and (2) moving conversations from my sent folder.

Or am I missing something?

Otherwise, big fan of the service.
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Old 25 Feb 2017, 10:31 PM   #2
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Hi hitoriangasu and welcome to the forum!

Well, I think that's exactly the way FastMail handles your messages when moving whole conversations: Your sent mails will always stay in the Sent folder, all other mails will be moved to your desired folder.

Never really thought about this behavior, but for me it's fine just like that. I'd say that's a matter of personal preference. Unfortunately, there's no option in the settings to change this. So for now you'll have to stick with it.

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Old 27 Feb 2017, 06:16 AM   #3
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Thank you for your reply.

I accept that this is the default behaviour, however to me it is perverse that, if I want to archive a conversation, my own sent emails in that conversation are not moved to the archive folder. In my opinion that's a perplexing design choice.
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Old 1 Mar 2017, 11:06 AM   #4
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While it may be perplexing to some, I think FastMail has gone with the most common standard of behaviour here for a couple of reasons.... Firstly, this is how Gmail handles things, and they basically invented the idea of a threaded conversation view, so anybody who is coming over from Gmail would likely find the behaviour not only normal, but would be confused if messages starting disappearing from the "Sent Items" folder.

On top of this, there's also the challenge of list views and what people's expectations are there, both in terms of the web UI as well as third-party IMAP clients. In most e-mail apps, the "Sent Items" folder will display the "To" address in a list view, rather than the "From" address. Aggregate sent messages into other folders, and you're suddenly looking at a bunch of messages from yourself. Then there are those e-mail apps that won't properly search or locate sent items unless they're in the "Sent" folder.

Of course, none of this is insurmountable to power users who know what they're doing, but it can definitely confuse the casual mail user, so I think the default behaviour here actually makes more sense than otherwise.

Personally, I used to archive sent items and file them away, but considering that every mail client I use now supports threaded conversation views across all folders, I decided it was better to leave things in the "Sent" folder ... and just let them show up. There are too many aspects in many email clients that expect messages you send to be in sent items for searching and filtering purposes that I kind of gave up trying to fight the system
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