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UUGGHH I hope not!
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Was indeed a spammer - banned.
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I've been a Fastmail user almost since Day 1, and a paying subscriber for around 15 years. Even though Gmail has now overtaken FM in terms of ease of use and features, there is one thing that keeps me coming back to FM for my personal email provider:

Unlimited email addresses.

Using the format <[email protected]>, I'm able to give each company I do business with an email that is completely unique to them, which then gets filed into its own folder. This has saved me numerous times when there have been hacks and data breaches, and my email gets sold to spam/scam artists, who begin flooding my inbox with scams. I know immediately which company gave away my information (since they are the only ones to have that email address), and it takes all of 10 seconds to create a rule to forever block any messages to that email.

It's a feature that is incredibly useful, and I'm surprised that more people don't use it.
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Originally Posted by an3 View Post
Unlimited email addresses.

Using the format <[email protected]>, I'm able to give each company I do business with an email that is completely unique to them, which then gets filed into its own folder.
I agree, it is very useful. I use it for select purposes. However I feel it is incomplete. You don't have any way to limit the use of the addresses to only those YOU create and you don't have any way to make them go away should you not want them active anymore.

Since your username is part of the address, anyone that wanted to could send you emails to [email protected] or replace bozo with thousands of other names that you don't have complete control over.

To keep from totally polluting my FM account, I created some FM aliases and use those in my generated email addresses. If I should get unwanted mail to random addresses as I described, I could kill the alias. That means I'd have to first changes all the addresses that I want to keep.

I'd love for FM to create a real disposable email address tool around this concept (And I'd pay extra for it!). Until then I also use Sneakemail and E4ward which give me the complete control I feel this concept requires. (Note, Sneakemail has shut down new user signups for some time. No idea if they will ever be restarted. This is part the reason I also use E4ward; in case Sneakemail shutsdown.)
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My solution is to use my own domain, with mail servers hosted at FM. So, the emails I make up are in the form <[email protected]>, <[email protected]> etc. Iím not exposing my FM email address.

Iíd say Iíve been doing this for over a decade now, and in my Sieve rules I must have 50 or so email addresses that are sent directly to the trash heap (more accurately, they are deleted silently).

Works like a charm!
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gmail blocking emails


i have seen this post about gmail blocking emails and i i wonder if I can get more explanations

because a lot of spams and newsletters that I have never seen them.

thanks so much guys for the help

my boss is annoying me.
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