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Old 6 Mar 2017, 12:47 PM   #1
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How to send large files securely

How do I send large files (approx 20-30 GB) to another person ?
Can anyone suggest a secure method that supports encryption ?
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Old 6 Mar 2017, 11:15 PM   #2
Bob D
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Files that large would most likely require a service like DropBox (they've a 20GB limit. May be others with larger capacity).
Can be encrypted with a self extracting .exe file (with you sending password to recipient).
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Old 7 Mar 2017, 10:32 AM   #3
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All of the ideas presented below use some type of encrypted connections.

Dropbox has a 20 GB limit for access at, but they say they have unlimited file size for the PC app or download links you send to someone. You would probably want to purchase one of their new Dropbox Pro accounts with 1 TB storage. I think that Dropbox is the only well-known cloud storage service which can handle 30 GB files. The problem is the individual file size, not the total storage space.

Most cloud storage services support individual file sizes no larger than 2 GB to 20 GB. Larger files limit your choices. For example, the Microsoft OneDrive service has a file size limit of 10 GB (it used to be 2 GB). You also need to consider the FAT (File Allocation Table) system on the drives storing the data at each end. FAT32 only allows files a little smaller than 4 GB, so on PC's you would need drives formatted with NTFS.

You might also try a peer-to-peer tool, such as Resilio. I have not tried this tool but it seems like it might work if you and your friend can leave your computers online for many hours at the same time.

Of course, transferring 30 GB is going to take a long time, and depending on the way you make the transfer a hiccup might cause the whole transfer to be aborted. My guess is that the fastest residential FIOS fiber connections (usually not more than about 75 Mbits/sec unless you have a rather expensive plan sold mainly to businesses) might be able to transfer 30 GB in one hour. Most residential internet connections would probably take 8 hours or more to transfer a 30 GB file, and it's difficult to get connections to stay up that long on some networks. Your ISP might throttle this back to a slower speed or limit your data transfer each day, week, or month. Cellular data plans can have much lower limits. I have an AT&T LTE data plan for my iPad and the plan only allows 5 GB data transfer per month (167 MB/day average rate) for $50/month.

I'm going to try the free Resilio tool and see how it works. I will report my results back in this thread.

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I use SendInc which is a freemium service.
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Try Yandex Disk or the services of!!

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