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Edwin 4 Nov 2013 03:44 PM

Poll: remove one of the "Post Reply" buttons?
I'm thinking of removing one of the two "Post Reply" buttons, the one at the top left above each thread.

My logic: if people hit "Post Reply" then, they've not necessarily seen all the responses that have been posted, so they could be missing/duplicating information that's already there.

What do you think?

n5bb 4 Nov 2013 09:18 PM

Edwin, I view threads in reverse order so I always see the latest post at the top. So this change would be bad for me, unless the post button swapped to the latest post end of the thread.


chrisretusn 5 Nov 2013 07:05 PM

I use the bottom button most frequently, but the top is useful too.

Edwin 5 Nov 2013 07:36 PM

Ok, thanks. I hadn't thought about the reverse post order, but the point is well made. I'll leave things as they are.

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