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rblon 1 Jun 2021 10:34 PM

Alias subdomain
I would like to set-up an alias such that email to

[email protected] is delivered to [email protected]

Does anyone know if that is possible possible in Fastmail?

And otherwise less generic (i.e. separate alias per specific name):

[email protected] is delivered to [email protected]?

xyzzy 2 Jun 2021 05:17 AM

I think you should be able to do this with the alias's Deliver to setting otherwise just create a filter rule.

hadaso 4 Jun 2021 06:20 AM

If you want all mail delivered to [email protected] to deliver to [email protected] then you just create an alias for * and set the target to *

If you want all mail delivered to [email protected] to deliver to [email protected] then you need to create an alias for * with the same target. To be able to do this should be one of the domains you host at Fastmail.

To do this you customize the DNS for and add NS records for pointing at and at, and then follow the procedure to add to the list of your domains hosted in your FastMail account. Once is in your list of domains you can set up aliases (including a * alias).

rblon 4 Jun 2021 07:46 PM

Hi hadaso, thanks for the tips. It makes sense, but I can't get it to work..

So i have registered with a domain registrar and pointed the nameservers to Fastmail. I don't see an option with them to set-up a nameserver for a subdomain.

I can customize the DNS within Fastmail and add NS records for the subdomain pointing again to the Fastmail nameservers. Not sure if this makes sense, though.

But then when I go to "Add Domain" and enter, I get a message that "This domain already belongs to a Fastmail account".

FredOnline 4 Jun 2021 08:38 PM

You already have your domain pointing to the Fastmail servers.

Just as you added to Fastmail in the Domains section, also add, as a new domain, to Fastmail.

rblon 4 Jun 2021 09:18 PM

so easy... it didn't work because of the NS records.
Now it does work. Great, thanks help!

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