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Killer 9 Feb 2018 01:27 PM

filter mails to inbox
Is there any way to set a filter to move mails to the inbox?

n5bb 9 Feb 2018 02:57 PM

Gmail doesn't actually have folders. So discussion of moving messages is just changing the labels on those messages.

Normally there is no use for a filter to "move mails to the inbox". For existing messages you do this with the web interface and don't need filters. New messages are by default shown in your Inbox. Are you trying to bypass the spam filter? Or do I misunderstand your question?


Killer 9 Feb 2018 03:32 PM

Actually, I want to have any incoming hangout messages that is showing in the chat label, to be showing up in inbox as well. It used to show but seems to stopped doing so. I could set filter to get them, but just don't have the option to set them to inbox.

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