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sheprd 5 Jul 2021 05:03 AM

Yahoo Question
I read where Verizon was trying to sell Yahoo mail. Any one else heard this?

EPMike 5 Jul 2021 05:58 AM

Over on CNN:


Verizon, which bought AOL in 2015 and Yahoo in 2017, is now selling them to personal fairness firm Apollo International Administration for $5 billion.

Verizon merged AOL and Yahoo right into a subsidiary referred to as Oath in 2017, ultimately rebranding it into Verizon Media. The brand new firm, through which Verizon will retain a ten p.c stake, can be rebranded as simply “Yahoo.”
Not sure what it will all mean....probably just more shuffling around of things.

janusz 5 Jul 2021 06:31 AM

What is "personal fairness firm" ?

sheprd 5 Jul 2021 10:14 AM

Thank you EPMike. I appreciate your info You have cleared ever thing for me. I would be helpless were it not for the wonderful members on this Forum

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