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znunxnyv 13 Jul 2021 11:41 AM

CardDAV sync contacts to android problem
Hi, I've been using CardDAV-Sync by dmfs GmbH for years but lately it doesn't work. I can't add account to a new device. On the old one it still works but I'm migrating to a new phone. Their support didn't respond my email. You guys have suggestions or work around?

pjroutledge 14 Jul 2021 05:10 AM

Is there a chance that the new one requires an 'app password'?


Trying to sync a calendar from your Fastmail account to a device via CalDAV can generate errors.
  1. Your username/password is wrong. Check caps lock isn't on, and for common visual errors like mistaking a 0 (zero) for an O (capital o), or a 1 (one) for an l (lowercase letter L).
  2. You are using your normal password, or your 2FA password. This doesn't work with a mobile device: you need to use an app password for CalDAV or CardDAV access.

n5bb 14 Jul 2021 08:16 AM

You need to file a Suport Request at:
Fastmail is migrating their support to a new tool see comments at the link above.


pjwalsh 14 Jul 2021 11:31 PM

Fastmail has tested and recommends DAVx⁵ for both CardDAV and CalDAV synching on Android.

I use it. Works well for syncing Contacts, and via CalDAV does Calendar and even Reminder (VTODO) synching (todo's, with the app as UI).

Fastmail CalDAV service supports Reminders on the backend, even though Fastmail doesn't (yet) have a tasks UI. (Android) does todo's very, very well, and with DAVx⁵ syncs via Fastmail perfectly.
Alternatively you can sync directly with

On PlayStore

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