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Drencrom 19 Jul 2003 01:26 PM

Hey, Kander, good to see you finally. What took you so long submitting the picture?

kander 21 Jul 2003 02:59 AM

Hey Drencrom,

Lots of things, but mostly just not getting around to making a snapshot and sending it :) It just takes a couple of minutes, but I kept postponing it. Anyway, glad to be part of the 'in-crowd' now :)


COUME 24 Jul 2003 04:38 PM

Perhaps I should take a new pics of me and send it :)
My hair is huge now!
I did not cut for almost 5 months, from 3mm I must be around 5cm! eheh


DBH 24 Jul 2003 07:49 PM

Go for it, Ludo! :D

COUME 24 Jul 2003 07:52 PM

ok, tomorrow I send you one :)

First I shave this 2-3 days beard, and then a nice pic! lol

COUME 25 Jul 2003 03:04 PM

hmm I took the pic...
I even have my camera here with me at work to send the pic...
I just forgot the usb-usb2.0 cable! lol

That will be for monday!


DBH 26 Jul 2003 09:30 PM

Stormcrow is the latest addition to the Photo Page...thanks for the pic!

COUME 29 Jul 2003 05:03 PM

I just sent my pics to Dave.
Sorry for the quality of the pics, I took it before to go to work in holding my cam :D

P:S: I will try to have a better one in September

DBH 29 Jul 2003 07:55 PM


Originally posted by COUME
I just sent my pics to Dave...

Yep, the site is now updated. :D

COUME 30 Jul 2003 08:41 PM

**** New URL link ****

there is shorter URL to access the emd photo page now and a bit easier to remember :)

P.S.: I created the forward link with the authorization of Dave.

DBH 30 Jul 2003 08:44 PM

Yep, and the beginning of this thread has been updated also! Thanks again, Ludo! :D


DBH 31 Jul 2003 08:38 PM

* new pic *
Welcome to JeffK! Thanks for sending in your picture.


dragon1 5 Aug 2003 10:39 AM

I'm breaking down and submitting a photo, but it's 20 years old. I hate having my pic taken nowadays. That'll change within the next few months -- I hope.

I'm on the right.

DBH 5 Aug 2003 10:58 AM

Sorry, dragon1, but I'm not seeing the picture. Maybe you could submit it again or e-mail it to me: Haller AT eml DOT cc


kander 5 Aug 2003 11:12 AM

DBH, I had trouble at first too, refresh it a couple of times. Don't know why it didn't show at first.


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