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emoore 28 Jul 2021 09:41 PM

Contradictory info about email client support
I'm on a legacy full plan and will be automatically switched to a basic plan when it expires in March. According to I need to upgrade to standard to continue to use a email client but the billing & plan section of my settings says the basic plan can "Use with Outlook, iPhone Mail, and other apps". That is good if true since I use Thunderbird instead of webmail. Can anybody confirm that is true?

NumberSix 29 Jul 2021 05:18 AM

Hmm, strange that there's a seeming conflict in claims between the web site and what you see inside the settings. If I had to guess which one is correct, I'd guess the web site has the current truth, and the settings display out of date - so bad news for you. But the best way to be sure is to submit a support ticket.

xyzzy 29 Jul 2021 11:38 AM

I have a basic account and am grandfathered in to allow my to use email clients (I use Thunderbird). Recently my account was due for renewal and I was considering updating to standard. But I wanted the option to revert back to basic in the future if I changed my mind. So I submitted a ticket asking them to clarify the grandfather status with respect to using email clients with a basic account. Here's what I was told:


You won't lose the ability to connect to 3rd party clients using IMAP/POP/SMTP/CardDAV/CalDAV even if you upgrade and then downgrade back to the Basic plan. This restriction applies to new Fastmail users only.

emoore 31 Jul 2021 01:19 AM

Thanks for confirming the restriction only applies to new Basic users. I also submitted a ticket and got the following reply:

> Which is correct? i.e. when I upgrade via auto-renew to a basic plan will Thunderbird still work?

Email clients are not allowed in the Basic plan. However, when we made this change, we made a tweak in the system so that existing Basic users are allowed to use Fastmail on their mail client. So yes, you will be able to continue using Fastmail on your mail clients.

2. I use Thunderbird. They plan on adding support for Fastmail's JMAP implementation (want to be the first email client to do so). Will that work with a Basic plan?

I think yes. However, I'll copy y senior staff on this ticket to correct me if I am wrong here. If you do not get any response from them, then it should work with your account. (Please note, the new Basic users will not have this feature).

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