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There are many things happening in background. On new infrastructure certificate based authentication was a bad idea, not because it not works, but people doesn't likes it. We also have minor replication issues between distant data centers (NL,DE,HU). Afterlogic Webmail is a nice looking, but not so feature rich product; That's changing right now . So we may expect interesting new features soon. We are working to fix these problems and new infrastructure will be ready for production from July 1st.
At same time we are refreshing our existing solution. It will get full text search and a new web mail interface. However will are required to stop supporting TLS1 and all older protocols from 1st July (That's deadline for stopping TLS1) as a side effect of security changes we will be required to fully drop OpenWebMail. Squirrelmail will be the next victim of upgrades. Many people still use these web interfaces since they have some unique features and support some languages much better than alternatives. We hope they will be able to get used to Horde, Afterlogic, Sogo or RoundCube.

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