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I usually reserve playing games for my cell phone. I do have Steam installed and play games on it occasionally. I scan through my RSS/Atom Newfeeds (176 of them).

I watch YouTube, I follow 339 channels, I watch quite a few that I'm not subscribed to. A wide range of channels from machining, welding, towing, trains, trucking, science, political (all side of the fence), lock picking, dash cam (not those silly crash ones), Anime, etc. I spent a good three hours on YouTube the other day after watching @somdcomputerguy link to The Steeldrivers in What are you listening to?.

I use with Slackware64-current the testing branch of Slackware. Keeping it up to date occupies some of my time. I also write bash scripts to install and upgrade some of my third party programs for Slackware. Most of those are done, but I have made some revisions and I am slowly rewriting them all.

Yeah I spend sometime on Facebook, mostly reading. I post occasionally. When I am really bored read reddit or logging to some of those alternative "social media" sites I am registered with to see what's being posted.

I do a lot of research too, I am a skeptical as skeptics go. I make up my own mind based on my research.

For humor I also enjoy reading those silly sites the for example say the earth is flat, I like watching those in YouTube too, Amazing the things some folks believe in.

What I need to do is organize my photos.

@FredOnline's post is spot on, not that I've even done that.

I did spend money on stupid games on my phone once. One day I decided to review how much I've spent to date. Yikes!!!! That came to a screeching halt. A little here, a little there adds up. I did drink back then, but wasn't drinking while playing. I quit drinking in 2010 though for other reasons.
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