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Best service, hands down

Hey there.

So, i registered and paid a mini account on Runbox not long ago, and here are my initial thoughts:

- Support is second to none, when i opened a ticket, it was answered in no time. The whole support ticket system works great (i didn't realize there was a bugzilla-like site for it until my third ticket). Kind and human.
- As said, the bugzilla like ticket system is great.
- Webmail: This was the point which made me most uncertain in the beginning. It looks, well, 'spartan', to put it. But after a couple of days of use, i must say i'm loving it! It's very feature-rich, intuitive, and works very fast for me (though i'm located in europe, so i guess experience might vary depending on your location). It actually feels very professional, and if it keeps up working like this i sure hope they don't change it ever, only add maybe more features.
- Domain hosting: once i set dns records at my registrar, and runbox recognized and validated my domain (this was the most transparent, easy and painless import of my domain than at any other provider i had before), my mail started working instantly.
- The control panel is great.
- Actually to sum it up, the whole interface is very feature rich but also fast, transparent and intuitive.

Now, what also helps is also the whole selling point: Norway and what having a provider there brings to the table, competitive price and the fact the company has been around for a while now, which at least seems to imply stability.

Anyway, if you guys keep it up this way, i'll be a real fan and your customer for decades to come, hopefully I actually rank and value email as the single most important form of communication, and the most preferred one, that's why i always look for possibilities to make it better for me and choose the right operator.

Keep up the good work, and i will report in a couple of months, comparing my initial thoughts with some mileage along the road.



Here's me, on a >100 kbps connection. Runbox pretty much the only thing running smooth.
I also forgot to add, once you guys install/add a calendar to RMM6, your service deserves 11 out of 10.


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