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Originally Posted by truemagic View Post
Interesting as I don't see an option to turn off sidebar completely in Settings - Preferences - (scroll to bottom) - Advanced Preferences. Tried it with both mobile app and web but the option is not there. Could be that you're on some beta version and I'm not?
I'm not using the Beta, just the normal webmail system via Firefox on a laptop.

The behaviour of that part of Settings when one toggles display of Advanced Preferences on is a bit weird (I think). See screenshot of the relevant display that I see when I turn that on, at:

and note that (because I just turned display of the advanced preferences on) the toggle line now says "Hide...". /I/ think it's weird that it looks as if it's part of the "Calendar" options. The bit that matters is the first of the options in sub-group "Advanced" just under the Calendar ones.
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