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Originally Posted by somdcomputerguy View Post
Have you tried using the 'Edit' button? It's available (on both web UI and app to me anyway, probably to you as well). The Show and Hide options may work to do what you want.

- bruce
Hi, thanks for the idea, I did try clicking in "Edit" but what it does js bringing me to the folder list with show and hide options which is not inherited i.e. my folder has other subfolders which are set to anything other than hide, then the parent folder will still be shown.

For example, I like to set "hide if empty" for Trash so the Trash folder is hidden on my sidebar if it's empty, very neat. But I would like to have "always hide" for folders such as Archive and my custom folder, it works until I have another level of subfolders because their "show and hide" preference ultimately affects the parent folder as well :-)
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