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Edwin, people perceive colors differently, and of course screens differ as well. The 'orange' doesn't look orange to me, and the 'dark blue' isn't dark, but the main thing is that regardless of the shades they are supposed to be, they are jarring and distracting and really quite unnecessary. I agree with someone earlier who said the tan background in quoted text was pleasant enough, but other than that, the color changes so far seem to me to add nothing, and to detract quite a bit from the former look, which put the emphasis where it belonged -- on the words.

I am not against change per se, I just see no need for colorizing the site at all. The old look was pleasant and conducive to the site's purpose and didn't get in the way. The new look is mentally jumpy and distracting. I know it is subjective and I speak only for my own eyes and brain of course, but I must be honest and say that for me at least, the changes have been entirely negative and have diminished the ease and pleasure that I take in perusing the site.

This is just one vote, but I do wonder mournfully why it is so often necessary to 'fix what ain't broke', and I also note sadly that 'improvements' (in any context) almost never actually improve things and often seem to accomplish the opposite. My heart sinks whenever I see 'New and Improved' on something that I like and enjoy, and now it seems the phenomenon has cropped up again, here at EMD. Alas.
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